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Are you starting to love Karen M. McManus Books? If yes, then you might be thinking about what to read next. If so, then you are reading the correct post.

Here I have listed the entire collection of Karen M. McManus Books in Order, to help you read her books next by next.

Young adult thriller novelist Karen M. McManus is a #1 New York Times and global bestseller. Her works include the standalone novels Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins; You’ll Be the Death of Me, and Nothing More to Tell, as well as One of Us Is Lying trilogy, which has been adapted into a television series for Peacock and Netflix.

More than 40 languages have been adapted from Karen’s widely regarded and award-winning works.

Born in Massachusetts of, America, the 70-year-old author came up with her first book in 2017. One of Us is Lying was a New York Times best-seller for over 130 weeks. A starred review was given to it by Publishers Weekly.

NBC has optioned One of Us Is Lying as a pilot. Publishers Weekly gave its sequel, One of Us Is Next, a starred rating. Two Can Keep a Secret received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews, which included it among the year’s top books.

The Correct Order of Karen M. McManus Books

There are mainly 3 Publication Orders of Karen M. McManus. They are:

  1. One of Us Books
  2. Standalone Novels
  3. Anthologies

So let’s check all of these categories’ publication orders.

# One of Us Books in Order by Karen M. McManus

Here we’ve listed One of Us Books publications in order by Karen M. McManus. So let’s check this out:

1. One of Us is Lying (2017)

This is a 416 paged book that revolves around the mysteries of 5 strangers. This was the first book written by M. McManus, and you should start your reading from here.

In the novel, only four of the five strangers who entered a prison facility alive managed to escape. Everyone is a potential suspect, and everyone has a secret.

If you pay close attention, you might find the solution.

On a Monday afternoon, five Bayview High students report to detention.

Bronwyn, the intelligent one, is dedicated to Yale and a rule-follower.

Addy, the beauty, is the picture-perfect homecoming princess.

Nate, the criminal, is already on probation for dealing.

Cooper is an all-star athlete who pitches baseball.

Additionally, Simon, the outsider, was the creator of the renowned Bayview High gossip app.

But Simon is unable to leave that classroom at any point. Simon passed away before the incarceration was through. His death wasn’t an accident, according to investigators. Monday saw his passing.

On Tuesday, he had intended to provide intriguing details about his four well-known classmates, making them all suspects in his murder. Or are they the ideal pawns for a murderer still at large?

I assume everyone has a secret. How far you would go to defend them is what matters most.

This book is a must-read for fans of thriller and mystery books.

2. One of Us is Next (2020)

This 377 paged book is the sequel of One of Us is Lying and, therefore, should be read after that. 

Since Simon’s passing, many imitation gossip apps have appeared. Still, in the year since the Bayview four were absolved of responsibility for his horrific demise, nobody has been able to fill the gossip hole quite the way he could. Nobody has the facts, which is the issue.

Before now, but this time, it’s a game instead of an app. True or False. First on the list is Phoebe. It’s true if you decide not to play. Hers is also dark.

Maeve then enters the scene and ought to know better—always take the risk. However, things become dangerous when Knox is ready to be tagged.

The dares have turned deadly, and Maeve has learned that she cannot rely on the authorities for assistance after what happened to Bronwyn last year or security.

Although Simon is no longer with us, someone is committed to preserving his legacy at Bayview High. And there are entirely different rules this time.

One of Us Is Lying, the sensational follow-up to the New York Times bestseller thriller, is finally here! At Bayview High, there is a fresh mystery to uncover and a brand-new set of guidelines.

If you liked the first part, you must read the second. 

Although this book can be read independently, there are still a lot of references pointing to the prequel that I suggest the readers read first.

3. One of Us Is Back [coming soon in 2023]

This book is coming soon, in 2023.

#Standalone Novels in Order by Karen M. McManus

Here we’ve listed the Standalone Novels published in order by Karen M. McManus. So let’s check this out:

1. Two Can Keep a Secret [2019]

A 329-page, stand-alone book by Karen M. McManus, Two Can Keep a Secret, can be read any time you prefer. Although, I suggest you read it after One of Us is Next to get familiar with the author’s writing style.

Echo Ridge is a typical American community. Ellery has heard a lot about it but has never gone there. At the age of seventeen, her aunt vanished there. And just five years ago, the murder of a homecoming queen made the community famous. Ellery is currently required to relocate to live with a grandma she hardly knows.

Although the community appears idyllic, secrets are being kept there. In addition, someone had proclaimed homecoming open season and promised to make it just as dangerous as it was five years ago before Ellery started school. Then, seemingly as proof, another girl vanishes.

Ellery is an expert on secrets. They are owned by both her mother and grandma. Additionally, it becomes more evident that everyone in Echo Ridge is hiding something the longer she is there.

The problem is that most people struggle to keep secrets even though they are deadly. Therefore, keeping your secrets to yourself at Echo Ridge is best.

So this mystery is yours to solve! 

2. The Cousins (2020)

337 pages pack the mystery revolving around the lives of three cousins. It is a standalone book and, therefore, can be read after these 3 books mentioned above.

Despite being cousins, Milly, Aubrey, and Jonah Story scarcely know one another and have never even met their grandmother. She disinherited their parents before birth since she was wealthy and secretive.

They are so surprised—and intrigued—when they get a letter inviting them to spend the summer working at her island resort.

One thing is sure for their parents: staying home is not an option. This might be your chance to win Grandma’s favor once more. But it becomes evident that she has other ideas for the cousins when they get to the island. They also become increasingly aware of how enigmatic—and sinister—their family’s background is the longer they stay.

The Story family is secretive as a whole. The cousins will discover everything about whatever drove them apart this summer years ago.

Embarking on the journey with the Story family as they unveil their dark pasts is what a true fan of mystery and thriller would love to do.

3. You’ll Be the Death of Me (2021)

This book has mystery filled 336 pages that carry the secrets of three young adults. You should read this book after the mentioned four. 

Cal, Mateo, and Ivy once shared a tight bond. The only things they have in common now are Carlton High and the start of a horrible day.

Type A Ivy had to go in front of the school embarrassed after losing a student council election to the class clown. Mateo, the heartthrob, is exhausted because his family’s business failed, and he has been working two jobs since then. And Cal, the outsider, was just duped once more.

So it appears like the ideal chance to salvage a poor day when Call arrives on campus late for class and bumps into Ivy and Mateo. They’ll do a U-turn and enter the city. Like before, it was only the three of them. However, they haven’t even gotten out of the parking lot when they run out of things to say.

Then they pursue him to the scene of his death after noticing another Carlton High student skipping class. Their day changes from dull to deadly with one unplanned action. And things are about to worsen.

Ivy, Mateo, and Cal still share certain similarities. They are all linked by the deceased child. They are all keeping something hidden.

They are all now pondering whether their fortuitous reunion was planned after all.

This mystery will surely give you an adrenaline rush throughout the book.

4. Nothing More to Tell (2022)

Coming August 30, 2022, this would be the latest book of Karen M. McManus.

Covering 368 pages of blood, love, hate, mystery, and excitement, this book is undoubtedly the best you can ever read to quench your thirst for blood-curdling thrillers. Read this book after all the other 5 to get a clear idea of what the author tends to disclose.

After learning of her favorite teacher’s horrific murder, which made news after the body was discovered in the woods behind their school by three Saint Ambrose students, Brynn left Saint Ambrose School four years ago. Never was the matter resolved.

Brynn is eager to learn the truth now that she’s returning home and beginning her ideal internship at a true-crime program. Tripp Talbot, her former best friend, was one of the children who located Mr. Larkin, opening the door for her.

The other two kids might have been charged with Mr. Larkin’s murder if he hadn’t given his version of events. They will never forget what Trip did that day to help them.

Similar to how he is still aware that everything he told the cops was false.

Digging into the past is sure to upend the present, and as Brynn looks into what took place in the woods that day, she starts to learn things about Saint Ambrose, Mr. Larkin, and her ex-best friend, Tripp Talbot that might completely change everything.

A murderer got away with it four years ago. The fact that they never departed is the terrifying aspect.

Keeping your secrets closer than you keep your friends is what you’ll learn from this spine-tingling young adult mystery novel.

#Anthologies in Order by Karen M. McManus

Here we’ve listed the anthologies publication in order by Karen M. McManus. So let’s check this out:

1. Up All Night: 13 Stories between Sunset and Sunrise [2021]

This is one of her books published in 2021. In this book of 352 pages, you can find romance and adventure, prom night and ghost hunts, and much more.

The 13 stories will make you feel fabulous, so you should read this story now if you’re a fan of hers.

These are the notable collections from Karen M. McManus. So if you are a fan of hers, check out her books.

You can bookmark this page to check whenever you want it. And also, don’t ignore to share this with your friend who enjoys her books.

Stay Bright! And Happy Reading!


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