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Are you starting to love the Holly Barker series? If yes, then you might be thinking about what to read next. If so, then you are reading the correct post.

The Holly Barker is a book series filled with thriller, mystery, and detective fiction written by the renowned and the New York Times bestselling American author Stuart Woods. This series has a total of 6 books released between the years 1998 and 2009.

About Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods was born in Manchester, Georgia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Georgia in 1959. Before moving to New York City, he spent two months of basic training for the Air National Guard.

After moving to New York, he started his career in the advertising industry. He continued his work in the advertising industry until the end of the 1960s when he went to England and lived in Knightsbridge.

After staying for about 3 years in London, he decided to write a novel.

The story was based on an old family, which was often told to him when he was a child. He then moved to Ireland and lived in a near solitary existence. He spent his time in Dublin writing television commercials and printing advertisements.

After settling in Ireland, he found his interest in sailing. He also took part in many sailing races during the years.

Stuart Woods’s Holly Barker Books In Order

There are mainly six books in the Holly Barker series. So let’s check them out:

  • 1. Orchid Beach ( published in 1998)
  • 2. Orchid Blues (published in 2001)
  • 3. Blood Orchid (published in 2002) 
  • 4. Reckless Abandon ( published in 2004) 
  • 5. Iron Orchid ( published in 2005) 
  • 6. Hothouse Orchid (published in 2009)

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These are the notable collections of Stuart Woods’s Holly Barker series. So if you are a fan of this series, check out the books.

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