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Are you starting to love the Holly Barker series? If yes, then you might be thinking about what to read next. If so, then you are reading the correct post.

The Holly Barker is a book series filled with thriller, mystery, and detective fiction written by the renowned and the New York Times bestselling American author Stuart Woods. This series has a total of 6 books released between the years 1998 and 2009.

About Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods was born in Manchester, Georgia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Georgia in 1959. Before he moved to New York City, he spent two months in basic training for the Air National Guard.

After moving to New York, he started his career in the advertising industry. He continued his work in the advertising industry until the end of the 1960s, when he went to England and lived in Knightsbridge.

After staying about 3 years in London, he decided to write a novel.

The story was based on an old family which was often told to him when he was a child. He then moved to Ireland and lived in a near solitary existence. He spent his time in Dublin writing television commercials and printing advertisements.

After settling in Ireland, he found his interest in sailing. He also took part in many sailing races during the years.

Stuart Woods’s Holly Barker Books In Order

There are mainly six books in the Holly Barker series. So let’s check them out:

1. Orchid Beach ( published in 1998) 

This book is about the beautiful, intelligent, independent woman Major Holly Barker. She was forced to retire early, only at the age of 37. She trained herself as a fierce military cop to get the badge of the deputy chief of police in Orchid Beach, Florida.

But in that peaceful town, a lousy person murdered one colleague of Holly.

Without the help of anyone, Holly was searching for the murderer, and she was only accompanied by a Doberman named Daisy. With the dog’s help, she got closer to the murderer she was searching for. 

2. Orchid Blues (published in 2001)

It was the time of a wedding when the festival was shattered byam a robbery. She took charge of finding the culprits. Besides the robbery, a bystander was also killed by the robbers.

Holly finds some evidence that led to the group’s discovery that were doing the wrong deeds. With the help of her father, she entered that group, but they were stuck in a whirlpool from where it was not easy to get out. 

3. Blood Orchid (published in 2002)  

Blood Orchid is the name of the favorite flower of Ed Shine. A real estate businessman who is new to the town, who is acquainted with the help of Holly, her father, Ham, and their pet Daisy.

Holly tried settling down after losing her close one, but a strange incident occurred.

Someone fired a bullet at one of her friend’s homes, and a floater was found rolling in the Intercoastal Waterway. Holly, with the help of a handsome FBI agent, wanted to find the anti-socials who were very dangerous and were freely roaming in the town.

4. Reckless Abandon ( published in 2004) 

Holly went to New York for the trial of Trini Rodriguez, whom she wanted to kill herself. He was a wanted criminal for killing many people after he hid bombs in the body of two of his previous victims and activated the bomb at their funeral.

He was placed in the FBI Witness Protection Program. With his help, they wanted to catch the Arab terrorist group trying to deploy mafias for the money laundering scene.

5. Iron Orchid ( published in 2005) 

Holly was working for the CIA. She, the ex-chief of police, joined the elite task force and was searching for Teddy Fay. Teddy was a serial killer who killed his political targets for sport.

When he was picking his American enemies one by one, Holly met with the killer and then started a high-speed chase along the streets of Manhattan.

6. Hothouse Orchid (published in 2009)

 This is the turning point of the novel. Holly Barker missed Teddy Fay though he was just at the tip of her fingers for the second time she was given an extended leave according to the decisions of the CIA.

During her leave, the CIA thought they would catch Teddy Fay, and Holly’s lousy reputation would blow over. During the leave, Holly returned to her hometown of Orchid Beach, Florida. She was the police chief of Florida for a long time.

But a surprise was waiting for her.

Many years ago, Holly and one of her female colleagues charged their commanding officer with sexual harassment and an attempt to rape a case. Holly fought alone while the other colleague wanted to be away from the case, which made the commanding officer free from all the charges. He, at present, was the new police chief of Orchid beach.

These are the notable collections of Stuart Woods’s Holly Barker series. So if you are a fan of this series, check out the books.

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